About hope for Gabriel

Our charity Hope for Gabriel, was set up after our son Gabriel was diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Gabriel is our kind, loving, video games mad- little boy! He loves life and family!

When Gabriel was around 3 years old we took him to the GP as we noticed he struggled to climb stairs, run and jump. After physical evaluation by a paediatrician and some blood tests we were told that our son had Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD).

We sat in a hospital room and listened to the Doctors explaining to us that Duchenne was a progressive muscle wasting disease that was going to rob our son from the ability to walk before his teenage years. They told us that having Duchenne meant that every muscle in our boy’s little body was slowly wasting away, every day life simple tasks like eating, bathing and dressing himself were going to become impossible for him as the illness progressed.

The Drs told us that the heart and lungs of Duchenne sufferers get affected too, limiting the life expectancy to late teens-mid twenties…

We sat in that room for what it seemed like hours trying to make sense of all that information. We couldn’t understand how our beautiful, caring, healthy (to the untrained eye) boy could possibly have this awful condition the Drs were talking about!
Our whole world- as we knew it – was turned upside down…there isn’t one word that alone can describe the way we felt. It was like a rollar coster of emotions, we were angry with life for doing this to our beautiful boy, we were sad, heartbroken and really scared!

It took a while for us to have the strength to carry on and deal with our new “normal” but we knew we needed to be strong for our little boy.

We decided to set up Hope for Gabriel with the aim to spread awareness about this condition and raise as much money as we can to fund research into treatments or cure for Duchenne. Having spoken to some of the worlds organisations fighting to find a cure for Duchenne give us the confidence and hope that something might happen in time to save our little boy and all others living with this devastating disease.

We know that life is/will be challenging with DMD so will take it one day at a time and plan to cram as much laughter, happiness and joy into whatever time we get…

We are blessed we get to have and love our son and until a cure or treatment is found we will not stop fighting

( Gabriel’s mummy and daddy)

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